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At Zen Living we source a diverse range of products from around the world, that are elegant & luxurious, as well as many more being manufactured in our beautiful country. 

Zen Living prides itself on it's WOW gift wrapping, the in-store and in house merchandising.... and of course the helpful, informative and passionate staff members who all work together to make sure your visit to Zen is as beautiful as the last.  

 Zen Living appeals to a broad range of consumers and loyal customers, we are constantly changing and expanding our product range, which includes, modern contemporary lighting, furniture, homewares, jewellery, clothing & accessories, inspirational books, artwork, baby, bath and body and aroma.

In my quest to keep “re-inventing” Zen Living, by maintaining a cutting edge in product and design,  we are now designing, manufacturing and importing our own product range.  Along with overseas travel to search for innovative products, which will give us that point of difference.